Chapter of the Year for 2016

Chapter " F " Easley

Chapter Director: Barbara Taylor



The South Carolina District would like to recognize the Chapters that participate in the Chapter of the Year 2016 Program,      determined according to levels.  We had a total of 4 chapters to participate out of 13 chapters.


Chapter E - Bronze

Chapter S - Gold

Chapter F - Silver

Chapter P - Silver






Chapter of the Year Score sheet for download


Chapter of the Year Program

Reminder: The Chapter of the Year process selects the chapter, based on their previous year’s activity at our annual convention. So when announced, the Chapter of the Year, will always be for the preceding year, after the District Convention.

Chapter of the Year History – The Chapter of the Year Program was created and designed in 2007 to stimulate Chapters to strive for excellence within their respective District and Region. Secondly it is to find and recognize the best of the best Chapters within GWRRA.

Chapter of the Year Goal – The goal of the Chapter of the Year Program is to get more Chapters involved in all of the GWRRA’s programs and FUN activities that have been proven successful for many of the active and growing Chapters throughout GWRRA. Chapters that enter into the Chapter of the Year Program and are not selected as the
District, Region or GWRRA International Chapter of the Year, will be a stronger, healthier Chapter for their efforts. Many of the scoring areas are measured in percentages to ensure that small and large Chapters alike have an equal chance in

If a Chapter was selected as the 2013 District Chapter of the Year they cannot be selected as the 2014 Chapter of the Year. This is to give more Chapters the opportunity to be selected. In order to recognize all Chapters that participate in the Chapter of the Year Program “CHOY”, South Carolina will begin a program Jan. 1st 2014 – Dec. 31st 2014 as suggested by the National CHOY leaders. Beginning at the 2014 South Carolina Convention any Chapter that participates in the CHOY program will be recognized by the following designation. The designation is determined according to the number of total
points earned.

 Gold Level Chapters…………….425 & > Points (75%) and higher
 Silver Level Chapters…..………283 to 424 Points (50-75%)
 Bronze Level Chapters…………141 to 282 Points (25-50%)

A Chapter of the Year will be selected on total points earned, regardless of what “level” they attain.

The Link to GWRRA Chapter of the Year Program is