A-Team Dessert Reviews

This page will be dedicated to all dessert lovers. We will give reviews of great places we have traveled that will be worth the trip to check out their dessert. Trust me, this group knows a thing or two about finding great food but our specialty is desserts.

On November 9th Chapter A had a cookout at the Morgan's. Teresa made some of her banana blue berry cheese cake. David only gave it a 2 thumbs up only because he ran out of thumbs. :)

Well the A-Team went to Aiken for the Plaque Attack on 09/28/2013. Being that close to Augusta, we could not pass up a trip across the river to visit Boll Weevil's. This place is home of some of the largest dessert items you have ever seen. This is by far the highest ranking of any dessert location to date. They said we do not have enough thumbs to give this a true rating.


On our trip to Little Switzerland we stopped my the Mt. Pisgah Inn for lunch. Well of course Yolanda is not going to miss a chance to get dessert. Her motto is eat dessert first so you have room. Well they recommended she try the French Silk Dessert. She shared a bit with everyone at our table. It got a 7 out of 7 thumbs up.



The A Team visited Maggie's Café in Comer Ga. The 2 that purchased a dessert gave the Cheesecake drizzled with Chocolate and Carmel a rating of 8 out of 10. 


Our first review is from The Cupboard Cafe in Dillard Ga. A great area to ride and well worth the trip. Their food compares to the Dillard House except you order from the menu. Just make sure you leave room for the desserts. You may just want to start with the desserts and if you have any room left over then order from the menu. The following items were ordered by our panel of experts and all items came in with an outstanding rating.