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2018 Rally's In Our Area

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Florida March 22-24 2018

Tennessee April 12-14 2018

South Carolina May 3-5 2018

Alabama May 17-18 2018

Virginia June 28-30 2018

West Virginia July 19-21 2018

Georgia August 2-4 2018

Wing Ding Aug 28-Sept 1 2018

North Carolina Sept 27-29 2018

Mississippi October ?



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District Events

Chapter Gatherings listed in Red are Double Points.


December Gatherings!! 

Most Chapter Have Christmas Parties in December

Please Check with Chapter   






SC Members' Forum


January 13, 2018

Newberry Firehouse Conference Center

1227 McKibben Street, Newberry, SC

Click for more Info.



The South Carolina District website will be redesigned in 2018. The calendar below will be a part of it. The Visitation schedule and calendar will be combined so all events will be found in one location.





                                        Hot Potato

                                        Mileage Grid

Chapter P received the Hot Potato on Dec.16th.


Chapter E received the Hot Potato on Dec.16th.


Chapter S retrieved the Hot Potato on Dec.16th.



Please email a photo, number of riders, and

mileage to when you

 deliver the  Hot Potato.